Monday, May 30, 2005

farewelling DC

Guys, this is soldier Lau reporting at battle zone Miramar 620. Final 2 days in the Nation's capitol and I'm off to Montreal and SF, and finally home. I'll vanish offline in the next 10 days. Just to let you guys know: graduation was on 26th and things went beautifully, much better than my previous graduation. Michael Oko, our student speaker was 100 million times better than stupid Robert Rubin, who couldn't even read off script. I got real sloshed at the graduation party, 6 drinks and I was down. Dennis said I made my name before I leave DC. Obviously everyone saw I was throwing up by the sidewalk; Stephen took pictures of me being drunk. I was amused rather than angry. Last night was a final get together with all remaining SAISers at Thaitanic with Dennis E, Dennis Kitt, Poy, Christian, Rika, Wenchao, Wang Ju, Huang Zheng, Joy and Boonyian. Later we went to Wang Ju's place where all China Studies people just gossiped, and ate watermelon. Felt like Chinese NY, albeit a little sad because I know we probably won't get together like that for a while.

SG - i envy you. I kinda miss you this morning while I was strolling along 18th street. The weather was so beautiful. Somehow I know you'll feel exactly how I felt - sentimental - as I bid farewell to the neighborhood we have grown to love.

AC - hope all is well in Tokyo. I might really go to Beijing in mid-June. Will try to let you know ASAP. If not, see u in Nov.

Alright girls, this is it. If you want me to pass a secret message to lovely DC, do it now since I'll be gone on June 1.

I wish you were here to share with me my final few days in DC, as a student. Remember how we all once were?


Blogger ac said...

SL - glad to hear that graduation went well for you and you made your mark. Good way to end your SAIS and school for a while. At least it will be memorable. I can't say the same for me last year. I think it's because I only walked for my family and that was all.

I checked out about getting a visa to China here and it takes 4 business days and they are only open 9-12, some embassy policy. If you want me to join you, it will have to advance notice as I have to purchase the tickets first and present them to the consulate. Sort of a pain in the ass. However, I would like to go for a few days if possible. I truly need a holiday. It's not funny anymore. I was so angry last Friday I said a bit too much to my manager. I was told, I was acting militant. I said we hired two loosers, meaning the two new grads we hired this year. But you know I am the only one who has enough guts to admit the truth while the others just complain to each other. I really need to move after my one year. All this is making me into one angry Asian girl.

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